servicii    Sanedo Guesthouse offers the following services:
   - Working hours non-stop
   - Staff professional, knowledgeable of foreign languages;
   - Repair of personal use;
   - Post and telecommunications services;
   - TV, cable and wireless internet in every room;
   - Personal services (washing and cleaning);
   - Reception halls, workshops, parking spaces, cars with / without a driver (Rent A Car)
     sports, keeping valuables;
   - Sending mail;
   - Keeping safe luggage;
   - Orders for taxi;
   - Sending the letters arrived back home after leaving clients;
   - Providing tourist information and propaganda material;
   - Provide emergency first aid, information on the city, transportation;
   - Wake-up any time;
   - Information theater and cinema;
   - Information and local events;
Cold and hot water is provided continuously. Own central heating is done on each floor.
The building is equipped with a ground floor commercial space, witch is  used as a dining room for breakfast.


For accommodation, our unit offers two-room apartments and studios. Room facilities, is in style and good taste.